Hair Care

Congratulations! You've just purchased your Vierge Premium Virgin Hair Extensions!  To ensure that you are getting the most out of your hair extensions, we recommend following the steps below carefully.                      

We reccommend Co-washing your hair before installation to increase elasticity and prolong usage. Co-washing is  washing the hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Hang Hair to dry

 Weft Sealing
As with all hair  minimal shedding is to be expected. To minimize the shedding even more we reccommend Sealing your wefts  with our Vierge Weft Sealer. Apply two coats of the sealear to each side of the weft, drying after each coat.

To maintain and add to the hair's luster, strangth and health we reccommend applying a dime sized ammount of Vierge Moroccan Argan Shine Serum to the hair weekly after each wash.

  Shampooing and Conditioning
We recommend washing and conditioning your hair at least once week. For extremely tight and curly wave patterns, we recommend more frequent co-washes to help the hair maintain it’s curl pattern. Begin by washing the hair in cold water and apply a generous amount of shampoo while washing the hair in a downwards motion. Do not rub the hair against itself.  Follow up with a moisturizing/ hydrating conditioner in the same method used when washing the hair.

 Deep Conditioning and Treating
We recommend deep conditioning the hair at least once a month to keep it looking it’s best. You may want to deep condition more frequently if you are using hot styling tools often or if the hair has been chemically treated by coloring.  When deep conditioning, saturate the hair with the conditioner, combing it to the very ends. Allow the conditioner to sit for at least 30 minutes, before rinsing the hair.
For wavy and curly hair textures: If you are planning to wear the hair in its natural state after washing, please towel dry the hair as much as possible and allow it to naturally air dry. This reverts the hair back to its original wave pattern. If you are planning to wear the wavy and curly hair textures straightened, you can blow dry the hair after washing.                                 

Style your hair extensions as you normally would style your own hair. Feel free to blow dry, use hot styling tools, flat-iron and dye the hair with any hair coloring or dye.                                 

 Heat Application
Be sure to always apply a thermal heat protectant to hair whenever hot styling tools are being used. This ensures the longevity of your extensions and prevents dry and brittle ends. Too much heat on your natural hair or your virgin hair extensions can result in irreversible damages. Wavy and Curly Hair Textures: Flexi-rods and soft rollers can be used to maintain curls and waves without using any heat. Smaller rods are suggested for curly hair textures and larger rods for wavy textures. To maintain the wave pattern and softness, mix a quarter sized amount of Vierge Morrocan Argan Shine Serum  and water into a spray bottle. Lightly spray extensions daily or when needed, to maintain wave pattern. Straight Textures: To keep hair straight and sleek, simply flat iron the hair. Make sure to comb out any tangles before styling.                      

 Product Application   

Because Vierge Hair is unprocessed and free of chemicals, it is tangle free and extremely easy to maintain without using excessive product and heat. Stick to Vierge Morrocan Argan Shine Serum  to keep your hair looking great!